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July 6, 2015

Makeup Monday: New Mini MAC Palettes

Did you know MAC Cosmetics now carries mini palettes?  Where have I been? While I was waiting for news on my cracked iPhone 6 (a story for another day), I decided to do some window shopping at the boutique (HA! We all know that trip turned into real shopping).  To my surprise they now carry these pre-made mini palettes in Burgundy (below), Navy, Amber and Purple.  MAC shadows last a very long time, especially if you've slowed down on beating your face eve or if you're not a makeup artist.  I think these are perfect for someone like me.  The only thing that is not perfect is the price point...$40? My discount brought it down to $28 but still? Not when Makeup Forever's new artist palettes are going for $42 and offering a bit more product.  Not to mention MUFE's case is way cooler.  I do love the size. Now, when are they coming out with liquid lipsticks?? MAC?? Hello??

View the other palettes here!


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