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November 29, 2013

Glamorously Gushing Over...

Black Friday is usually my day to run wild with the discounts, but this year I have no income coming in, so I decided to post outerwear I discovered on Polyvore. Although I can't buy, I can still look. Funny: months ago, these prices were considered cheap. *SIGH*
Happy Shopping today!

Dorothy Perkins Red Tie Coat - $56 

Beige Flare Sleeve Hoodie - $76

Rose' A Pois Coat - $260


November 27, 2013

What We Wore

 Last year, after I gave birth, I picked up so many pieces with the hopes of getting my 'snatch-back' quickly. When I bought this dress I could not even get it on. It got stuck at the arm. I saw this dress in the early stages of pregnancy and forgot about it, till I saw it on sale for $20. The shoes I stalked till they went down in price, but had them sitting in my closet since April, complete with tags...smh

Twin's outfits can't sit.  These kids grow really quickly, so whatever is bought now, is worn NOW! We learned that the hard way (check the Goodwill box). That's a reason I'm not a fan of spending an arm and a leg right now on her pieces.



On me...
Dress: H&M
Shoes: ZARA
Hair: Lajay wig (the vid tutorial should be up on my channel)
On Twin...
Dress: H&M
Coat: Old Navy
Shoes: Stride Rite
Headband: Children's Place (she also has it in black)


November 25, 2013

Makeup Monday - MAC Hautecore for Black Friday

Mac Cosmetics has a few launches between now and the end of the year that you might want to start saving up for. I've already put in a request for gift cards to my favorite stores to family and the hubster. This Black Friday (as in this week), they will launch a black, matte lippie only available online. From what I've read and seen, the lipstick (named Hautecore), is black with hints of purple. I love these vamp and dark colors, but I have a black from years ago that I haven't really invested in, so not sure if I'll be waiting on cyber-line. I'll see what mood I'm in and how many extra pennies I'll have. Never fear if you don't get a chance to purchase the item on Friday. The lipstick will also be included in another upcoming collection, Punk Couture (I'm really excited about this one), which will launch in December (tentative date 12/26).


November 20, 2013

Tried, True and Reviewed - AJ Crimson's BB Cream

This is a #repost from my former blog.

AJ Crimson's BB Cream was a purchase from this years' NYC Makeup Show. I've been hearing all the hype about BB Creams in general and thought I'd jump on the fast moving train.  I didn't know much about these creams until I did a little research a few months ago.  BB Creams (aka Beauty Balm, aka Blemish Balm) is a multi-faceted product. So picture sheer coverage foundation that primes the face, treats blemishes, offers sun protection and oil control (or moisturizer).

What it is:
AJCRIMSON BB CREAM all the great benefits of a Moisturizer, the prep of Primer and the coverage of a smooth medium coverage foundation! ALL IN ONE! There is NOTHING LIKE IT MADE FOR ALL COMPLEXTIONS!
$39 (I purchased for $15 at the NYC Makeup Show)
No parabens, a little goes a long way, buildable, your skin looks dewy and smooth, lasts all day, brown girl friendly tones (there are only a few shades, but they seem to match most complexions).
The packaging needs work, clumpy consistency, the cream separates in warm weather (all the oil was at the top) and I don't remember what color I am because it's not on the packaging.
Where to buy/find:
Would the BEE buy again:
I would, if the cons are addressed. I like the way my skin looks once the cream is applied.
This is a good product for those with dry skin.  For me, this product would be in heavy rotation in the cooler months when my skin is not that oily. The cream feels a bit heavy for those with oiler skin in the warmer months (as it did for me). 
Update: Since posting this review, I was told that the packaging has changed, which makes for less separation of the product. If I am able to test, I will review.

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