May 12, 2017

The Makeup Show NYC 2017 - The Goods

Like I said in my previous post, I went way over budget with my purchases, but I'm excited about everything I got.  I made a list and was able to check everything off, and then some. NARS was one of the brands I was very excited to check and had a pretty extensive product list from them.  I was disappointed that they were not at the show this year, although advertised on the list of exhibitors?? Juvia's Place and Tarte were new this year, with Tarte offering a 40% discount.  Since their Shape Tape concealer is highly raved about on youtube, I scooped that up!  Black Up was another brand I was excited about, as they are very brown girl friendly. My highly anticipated items are listed below with an asterisk and will be reviewed in the near future.

 *Juvia's Place Eyeshadow Palette with a free sample

Smashbox *Lid Primer and Liquid Lipstick 

I always purchase lashes and never use them?   

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick and *Lock-It Concealer (other three items are free samples) 

Inglot single eyeshadows (only $5 at the show) and blush

*Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

MUFE magnetic eyeshadow palettes for when I travel

Can't attend the show and not get Bdellium Tools Brushes. They are some of my faves! Also picked up a few from Crown Brushes whose line alway looks like they are handing out free cheese: long and crowded! 

*Black Up Matifying Tinted Moisturizer and Sublime Powder Highlighter (the powder was an impulse buy) 

Beauty Blender - I have all the sizes now.  This was an exceptional deal at $35 (one blender is $20)

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May 8, 2017

Makeup Mondays - The Makeup Show NYC 2017

I've been attending the Makeup Show NYC for the past ten years. I love the networking, catching up with fellow beauty bloggers and artists, discovering new brands and of course buying products at discounted rates.  The show is usually the week before Mother's Day, so it gives me the excuse to spend more money than I actually have.  Oh well...

Sidebar: I was trying to make the day all about me, but a few attendees had their kids in tow and had me feeling like I abandoned mine.  Ahhhhh, the guilt of motherhood :-)

  My first stop...Kat Von D

This is my first time seeing Tarte at the show

Brown Beauty and Brown Artist at MUFE

Me and Danny Sanz!!!!

 Me and LovelyAnneka on Youtube

Me and Cindy (DRBrooklyn780) of Vinyl Blush

Charlotte Tilbury was highly anticipated by attendees

 Artistry at The Graftobian Booth


Broke Pockets - stay tuned for what I bought!

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April 20, 2017

Talk Thursdays - Postpartum: What They Don't Tell You

SMH is how I'll start this post.  After years of infertility, I've been blessed to have two non-eventful pregnancies (believe me, this is a good thing).  The only thing I can complain about is having to do NST's (non-stress tests) quite often in my third trimesters (the first pregnancy, they feared something was wrong with my placenta and the second pregnancy was only due to age...yayyyyy 40). Postpartum for me on the other hand has been where the party gets started.  This is not meant to depress or scare anyone, but to make you aware.  No one told me and I wish they did.  Here is what they don't tell you after you've just pushed out a human.

5.  You are susceptible to postpartum depression up to FIVE years after pushing out your human.  Yes, you read correctly.  I thought it was a year...I was wrong! REBUKE! Thankfully, I didn't have this, but I did have the baby blues, which passed after the first two weeks.

4.  Most women may know this, but there are still some that don't.  All that beautiful hair you gained and retained during pregnancy, may be on the floor months after birth and I don't mean light shedding.  I mean it can come out in clumps.  Some women experience dramatic hair loss around the temples.  It will grow back, you just have to go thru it and know it's just part of the process.

3.  Your body has just gone thru a VERY stressful situation.  That stress can cause a host of problems way after you've pushed out this tiny human.  I gave birth in September 2012 to my first child and a few months later was diagnosed with chronic hives due to the 'anxiety' the pregnancy caused??  Who knew.  I was told I may have to live with it for the rest of my life, but y'all know my friend Jesus, right?

2.  Your risk factor for Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in lungs) increases greatly with pregnancy.  This one was a shocker and very traumatic for me.  Two weeks after giving birth, I had some discomfort in my chest and chalked it up to indigestion.  Thank God for the back pain that sent me to the ER.  It wasn't a moment too soon.  I almost died. More importantly, I had to be away from my newborn.

1.  You will not leave the hospital the size you were when you got pregnant, despite what you see on  tv.  You leave still looking very pregnant! I thought I was gonna have my snapback as soon as my first daughter popped out.  It took months for me to even resemble myself.  This go round, it may take even longer...reference the age aforementioned and I developed an umbilical hernia (yeah, this can happen too) which will most likely require surgery.

Still want to have a  
I would do it all over again, for the two blessings I now have.  I thank God for making me a woman.  We are powerful and strong, beyond measure.  We push out humans.




Me and my girls 4/2017- I could cry. I'm so in love

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April 17, 2017

The Lost Files - What I Wore

This week, I will be eight weeks post-partum. I'm starting to feel like myself, slowly but surely and figured since I can't fit any of my regular clothes (and probably won't for awhile), why not dig in the crates.

 I built my outfit around this sweater I purchased from H&M a few years ago.  I truly advocate for buying things when the season is about to end.  I scored this baby for $10!

Sweater, Top, Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: NY&Co.

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December 5, 2016

Makeup Mondays - Top Red Lipsticks

 Left to right: Maybelline's Rich Ruby, Coloured Raine's Cherry Blossom, Milani's Matte Confident, MAC's Ruby Woo, MAC's Diva and Sephora Cream Lip Stain #01

These days, life for me is moving very fast.  I'm going to make time for an update post, which I will probably do on the Tube first, then here.  But today, we're talking makeup!  My bestie charged me to do a post on my favorite red lipsticks and I think it's the perfect time of year for such a topic.  A couple of years ago, she fell in love with one brand's color and stuck to it, but now it's discontinued.  Being the makeup fanatic that I am, she enlisted my help on finding a new statement RED. Below are my top picks.   

6. Rich Ruby by Maybelline (Creamy Matte) $5.59
This one is the most recent of the group to my collection, but is already in my top six. It's a deep orange red, comfortable on the lips and easily accessible at most drugstores.

5. Cream Lip Stain #01 by Sephora (Matte) $14
If you're looking for an affordable, classic red liquid lipstick, then look no further.  These dry down to a matte and don't budge (unless eating oily foods) and are pretty comfortable for a liquid lipstick.

4. Ruby Woo by MAC (Retro Matte) $17
Of all the lipsticks mentioned, this one tugs at the lips a bit and is the most dry looking of the formulas mentioned, but it's also stunning for those same reasons.  It looks like you came out the womb sporting a gorgeous red lip.

3. Matte Confident by Milani (Creamy Matte) $4.99
Milani has become one of my favorite drugstore brands in the last year.  Their lip products are comparable to any high end brand and super affordable. This color is a rich, blue-based red.

2. Diva by MAC (Matte) $17
This to me is the perfect vampy red and one of my all time favs! When I want to feel sexy and powerful at the same time, this is the red I reach for.

1. Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine (Liquid Matte) $17 
Last year around this time, I went on a hunt to find this color.  It was sold out EVERYWHERE!! I finally found the only Ricky's that had it in stock and had it shipped to me.  The hype surrounding this red (blue-based) is REAL and it was one of the best lip purchases ever made. It looks perfect on most complexions!

The bestie wearing Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine

Me wearing Sephora Lip Cream Stain in #01

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