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January 20, 2016

Contour On A Budget with Jordan Liberty

As much as I love and collect makeup, I am still pretty new to the highlighting and contour game.  I recently subscribed to Jordan Liberty on Youtube (yeah, I've been under a rock called Motherhood) and viewed his latest video.  This is one of THE best vids on the subjects I've seen.  Everything else is way to complicated, using way to many products, looking way to drag queen!


January 13, 2016

Tried, True and Reviewed: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks

So, I'm not sure how great of a review this will be because I took both lipsticks back.  The CVS by my job is the BEST at putting out new products.  The whole top shelf of the store is a makeup addict's dream.  When my eye caught these bad boys before Christmas, I had to have them, but something told me to only purchase two.  The ones I got were the most stunning to me, although all the colors are very pretty.  After putting putting Twin to bed that night, I started playing around with them.  I decided to test them while I washed dishes and watched Youtube (this is my nightly routine).  Both colors went on nice and bright, but they were super glossy? I thought, well maybe they'll dry down, given some time.  Nope, they never did.  Some of the glossiness did go away, but they never fully dried.

Pro: The color range is actually pretty good for a drugstore brand and I like the cute packaging

Cons: They transfer and don't dry down at all

Repurchase: No, I have enough glosses

Recommend: Only if you want something more moisturizing, than matte

Stars: 2 - When I see 'Liquid Matte' I think of a flat matte finish, like Anastasia Beverly Hills or fellow drugstore brand, Milani

My pics are a bit dull, so I posted the pics from the 
website to show more vibrancy (see below)


January 7, 2016

What I Wore - Italian Leather

This coat is a FAVE of mine.  It's no secret to those who love me that I prefer colors to just basic  black and gray.  I thin this whole outfit was about $60.  Can't beat that. 

*Not sure what's going on in the middle of my pics. I prob should check the lens*

Coat - H&M 
Top and Italian Leather Boots - Thrifted
Skirt (old) - Zara

January 4, 2016

Just A Thrift Haul - Work Wear

How do you purchase items for a job that requires a dress code without spending ALL your coints? Why thrift shopping, of course! Working at Macy's required me to wear mostly black.  I hardly wear black in my everyday life, and for someone who loves color, this is quite challenging for me.  If it wasn't for my local thrift store and Forever 21, I would be lost.

This blazer was $5! I love the contrast of satin and wool

This one was $4

This is a Calvin Klein dress that was on for $95!  I purchased it for $4.99!!!

You can wear a bit of color at Macy's but it has to be underneath a black blazer or sweater.

I'm so in love with this piece.  The back was what attracted me most

I had to say goodbye to this beautiful vintage sweater, shortly after I purchased it.  Did not wash well at all...tears.  

Brand new Forever 21 top...thrifted

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