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May 19, 2014

Motivatonal Mondays - Eating Half

This will be a new segment on the Glamorous Entry.  Hopefully, I can maintain.  Anywho, my best friend came up with this idea for me to motivate other busy moms who are trying to lose weight or get fit.  Now, I'm not the slimmest or most healthiest person in the world, but the thing about me is that I'm persistent and will stick to a goal if I make one.  So, here is a tip that has helped me drop more than my baby weight.

Eat half: I LOVE carbs as most women do, but carbs don't love me.  I don't believe in starving or denying myself.  What I do is eat HALF of a serving.  If I crave a bagel, I will only eat half (sometimes, half of a half) of one or if I crave pancakes, I will eat one out of a stack of three. My new things are these skinny cow dark chocolate nuggets (yummm).  They are pretty good on serving size already (five in a pack), but I will take out three and save the rest.  I do this with most anything, even another new favorite, almond butter.  By now you get the gist.  I hope this helps!  Summer is right around the corner.  Let's get it ladies!

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