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April 7, 2016

Mascara Showdown - MAC False Lashes vs. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

Sometimes I sit and stare at my daughter's eyelashes. It's not fair...they are so long and curly??!! Like  Albeit, she just came out the  So, now I'm on the hunt to get mine as close to her length and fullness.  Not sure if it will be that close without the use of false lashes, but I'm never one to give up on a challenge.  MAC has always been a favorite for mascaras.  I was totally addicted to their Zoom Lash (still a ride or die) but as time went on, I started to branch out.  Today's showdown is between MAC's False Lashes and Bobbi Brown's Eye Opening mascara. 

MAC False Lashes Mascara

Very Lengthening
Dramatic Lashes
Price is comparable to most on the market - $22

Hard to remove
Not a lot of volume

 Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

Rich Intense Color
A little more volume than MAC's
Easy to remove wit one makep wipe

Expensive - $30
Didn't give me any real length, especially at that price
You can fell the weight of the mascara (my eyelids felt heavy)

MAC False Lashes - for the price, I was expecting more from the Bobbi Brown. 


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