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November 27, 2013

What We Wore

 Last year, after I gave birth, I picked up so many pieces with the hopes of getting my 'snatch-back' quickly. When I bought this dress I could not even get it on. It got stuck at the arm. I saw this dress in the early stages of pregnancy and forgot about it, till I saw it on sale for $20. The shoes I stalked till they went down in price, but had them sitting in my closet since April, complete with tags...smh

Twin's outfits can't sit.  These kids grow really quickly, so whatever is bought now, is worn NOW! We learned that the hard way (check the Goodwill box). That's a reason I'm not a fan of spending an arm and a leg right now on her pieces.



On me...
Dress: H&M
Shoes: ZARA
Hair: Lajay wig (the vid tutorial should be up on my channel)
On Twin...
Dress: H&M
Coat: Old Navy
Shoes: Stride Rite
Headband: Children's Place (she also has it in black)


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