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January 4, 2016

Just A Thrift Haul - Work Wear

How do you purchase items for a job that requires a dress code without spending ALL your coints? Why thrift shopping, of course! Working at Macy's required me to wear mostly black.  I hardly wear black in my everyday life, and for someone who loves color, this is quite challenging for me.  If it wasn't for my local thrift store and Forever 21, I would be lost.

This blazer was $5! I love the contrast of satin and wool

This one was $4

This is a Calvin Klein dress that was on for $95!  I purchased it for $4.99!!!

You can wear a bit of color at Macy's but it has to be underneath a black blazer or sweater.

I'm so in love with this piece.  The back was what attracted me most

I had to say goodbye to this beautiful vintage sweater, shortly after I purchased it.  Did not wash well at all...tears.  

Brand new Forever 21 top...thrifted


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